Debate - Human trafficking & life choices

May, 5th, Talent Garden (Ion Brezoianu Street, no. 23-25), 11:30

Starting from The Fixer (directed by Adrian Sitaru, Romania / France, 2016) and Marija (directed by Michael Koch, Germany / Switzerland, 2016), at Agora we will explore the way in which the artistic act helps us translate the themes of the films, from personal and social points of view.

Moderated by: Mădălina Mocan


Debate - Migration, acceptance through empathy

May, 8th, The Romanian Cultural Institute, 16:00

Starting from the opening film of the EFF, The Other Side of Hope (2017), the team of Super! - The film festival made by teenagers will organize a debate with both young and adult audiences, over a current sensitive topic.

Moderated by: Petru Roșu

Debate - Preparing Romania's position for the European audiovisual reform

May, 8th, Talent Garden (Ion Brezoianu Street, no. 23-25), 11:00

The European audiovisual policy is about to fundamentally change, to be able to provide a fairer environment for all the stakeholders (producers, distributors, users), in order to promote European film and to change the paradigm of online content consumption.

Romania will hold the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the first half of 2019, when the reform of the audiovisual policy will get to its final stage. To prepare Romania's position in terms of managing the reform process, it is essential to have an informed dialogue between the various Romanian and international institutions that contribute to the audiovisual field or whose activity is affected by it.

This debate provides the framework in which opinions can be crystallized, alliances and working partnerships can be formed and action lines can be established. At the debate Samuel Young, General Secretary of EFADs - the Association of National Film Agencies in Europe will be present.


Debate #ReconstructingEuropa starting from Sarajevo

Mai, 11th, Aula SNSPA, 19:30

After watching The Siege (Rémy Ourdan, Patrick Chauvel, France / Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2016), projected at SNSPA at 18:00 PM, the audience will be challenged to discuss the atrocities in Sarajevo, during the 1990s, when the Balkans were once again divided, impoverished and "bombarded" by the requirements of the European integration, while in Aleppo, the story of a crushed city and a humanitarian tragedy was repeated. The event will be completed through a Sevdah concert (Traditional Bosnian music), with a live performance by Aida Šošic.

Moderated by: Miruna Vlada (member of PEN Club România).

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