Marija (Germany)
The Fixer (Romania)
The Siege (France)
Notes on Blindness (UK)
The Siege (France)
Sergei Shchukin, Tale of an Art Collector (France)
The Temptation Of Saint Anthony, Hieronymus Bosch (France)
The Adventures of Modern Art: ep. 5 & 6 (France)
Hitchcock/ Truffaut (France)
On Call (France)
My life as a Zucchini (Switzerland)
As I Open My Eyes (France)
Toni Erdmann (Germany)
The Girl Without Hands (France)
The rabbi’s cat (France)
The French Minister (France)
Aya of Yop City (France)
The Mystery of Green Hill (Croatia)
Great Grandad’s Tall Tales (Denmark)
Animated shorts (Denmark)
Paparuda (Republic of Moldova)
Flutulus (Republic of Moldova)
Menajerul (Republic of Moldova)
Shorts Moldox Lab (Republic of Moldova)

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